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Salderz Inc is an IT staffing agency that provides high-level IT talents to a lot of companies and industries.

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At Salderz Inc, we offer a comprehensive range of training programs designed to enhance your professional skills and accelerate your career growth. Our expert trainers and industry practitioners provide hands-on training in the following in-demand technologies and domains.


As a leading provider of Salesforce training, we offer comprehensive programs to help you become proficient in Salesforce CRM. Learn to navigate the Salesforce platform, customize applications, automate workflows, and manage customer relationships effectively. Our Salesforce training equips you with the skills to leverage the power of Salesforce and drive business growth.


Our Java training program equips participants with the knowledge and skills to develop robust and scalable Java applications. From the fundamentals of Java programming to advanced concepts like Java frameworks and web development, our training covers it all. Gain proficiency in Java programming and open doors to a wide range of career opportunities in software development.


Python has become one of the most popular programming languages due to its simplicity, versatility, and extensive library support. Our Python training program covers everything from basic syntax to advanced topics like data analysis, machine learning, and web development using Django. Develop your Python skills and unlock a world of opportunities in data science, automation, and web development.


In today's fast-paced software development landscape, DevOps practices are essential for achieving efficiency, collaboration, and continuous delivery. Our DevOps training program equips participants with the knowledge and tools to implement DevOps principles, automate processes, and enhance software delivery. Learn about CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code, and popular DevOps tools to accelerate your career in DevOps.


Business analysts play a critical role in bridging the gap between business objectives and IT solutions. Our business analyst training program covers essential skills such as requirement gathering, business process analysis, data analysis, and solution design. Gain the knowledge and techniques to effectively analyze business requirements and contribute to successful project outcomes.

Why Choose Our Training Programs?

Industry Expert Trainers: Learn from experienced trainers who bring real-world expertise and industry insights to the training sessions.

Hands-on Approach: Our training programs emphasize practical learning through hands-on exercises, projects, and case studies.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to cover all the essential concepts and practical skills required in the respective domains.

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